Friday, May 3, 2013

Drawin's 'n' Doodles

So at my current place of employment, I have the opportunity to listen to my own music, via iPod or what-have-you, and lately have been listening to podcasts while I work.  I just listened to my own podcast (not that I'm that shallow) and I remembered that I had a little treat for you Internet.  

At my last job, when I had a few seconds to myself, I would find a piece of scratch paper and just doodle what was on my mind.  And if it was semi-decent, I would keep it in my "Important Stuff" Folder.  And when I left there, I took all of those doodles and put them in a box.

So here you go Internet.  Here's what was in that box.

A creation of mine, Power Pig and possibly and evil "Bizarro" version.

Leonard "Whiskers" St. Elliot / Funky Sinister Eye

Funny Face / Superman Crest (w/ crayon)

Power Pig slugging Mr. Pig

Snowman / Laughing Skull

Apparently I liked Savage Dragon that day / 5372

Gross / Power Pig surprised

So yeah, that's what I found in the "Important Stuff" Folder.  I know there were probably hundreds more drawings that were probably thrown away and discarded.  Hell I was there for 5 or so years.  But yeah, nice way to pass the time eh?

Laters Internets.

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