Sunday, April 14, 2013


Ok Internet, what's the friggin' deal?!  So I'm a subscriber to Hulu +.  I pay the whatever it is a month, so I can see whatever I want, that is already free on Hulu anyway.  So I'm the sucker there.  But you know what is total bullshit?  I don't even know what I really pay for.  Anything I watch on Hulu + anyway, is "web only" content, which still doesn't make any sense to me, because EVERYTHING HULU OFFERS IS FROM THE DAMN INTERNET!  It shouldn't matter what you watch it on, you still have to watch it through the "web", just streaming through something else.

Regardless, I was watching my "web only" content today, when I came across this...

So essentially, what they are saying is, if you want to watch this, just buy a television subscription.  Fuck you.  I want to watch my shows, on my TV, through my device.  When I can't, I'm told to watch it at my PC.  Then, when I can't do that, I'm told, "Well, just call your cable/satellite provider to watch your shit.  Up your ass consumer."

Eat shit Hulu +.  Netflix is better anyway.

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