Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back at it!

So I've had a few days off and rather than just sit on you, Internet, I think I'm going to be productive.  A little bit.  Let me just listen to a few podcasts first...

...hours later...

Alright, good I'm ready.  Hold on, Facebook is blowin' up.

...hours later...

Oh you're still here?  Well good news.  I totally started drawing my comic again.  While it may not be a whole lot I'm showing you here, I've been outlining the initial script, and doing thumbnails of the more busy pages, while finding references for characters, on you, Internet.

really shitty camera phone quality

What you see here is a face test, a warm-up for me to get back into drawing, and for me to test out my new inking markers.  As you can see, my white marker totally sucks, but this is somewhat of the style I'm going for.  This is MY house style.  Anything I've done previously, I did a lot of reference and light box work, but it's not my actual style.  I still really like it, but it's not how I just sit down and crank stuff out.  So hopefully I can keep on it and really get stuff done 'round here.

I also have some more news for you.  Last year I was commissioned to do the cover to a local fair book/program.  I was all for it.  I asked if there was a theme or main attraction to the event and the fair board said there's going to be a beauty pageant.  That's all I had to run with.  So I came up with this...

shitty camera phone quality

I tell ya whut, they didn't go for it.  Apparently, it was a young ladies beauty pageant.  Like, really young ladies.  Like, 8 to 16 year olds.  So the cover went over like a lead balloon.  And not only that, I procrastinated on it and had to do another one, like the day it was due.  I actually had to leave a birthday party to work on it.  So anyhow, here is the one I came up with last minute...

better camera phone quality

This one went over much better.  And this one I used no reference either.  I hemmed and hawed about the previous one to make it a joke, to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and so on.  This one I just sat down and went to town on it.  While it may not have the humor of the previous one, I actually like it better!  So I guess procrastination pays off!

Well moving on to this year, they asked me back to do it again.  Not a huge story on this one since I actually did it before it was due and I did it all on Illustrator, so it came together really quick.  And since I didn't hear anything back from it yet, I assume it's all good.  I guess this year this community fair has a Hollywood theme.  I don't really get it, but whatevs.  Here's what I came up with.

not taken with shitty camera phone quality

So yeah, it's simple, but looking at it you totally get what is trying to get across.  Hollywood.  Boom yeah.

Before I go, check out a good friend of mine Dave Tucker's blog.  While he may not post stuff all the time, (sound familiar?) he did just put out a synopsis of an independent movie he, myself, and many others worked on for a while and debuted last Halloween.  He breaks each part of the film down and gives it a directors commentary, behind the scenes spin on it.  It's really interesting.

On the subject of movies, I will also be reprising my role as Leonard "Whiskers" St. Elliot, starting soon for Murder Party 2: The After Party.  More on that as it develops.

Also, another project that has wavered my attention to updating this, is my friend and I's podcast called Off Topic.  Both he and I have been pretty hard at making this show great and doing as many shows as we can. We also both moderate the Facebook page, and update it as much as we can, without giving the whole show away.  Check it out!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule Internet.  Y'all come back now.

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