Sunday, April 7, 2013


Good to see you Internet.  It's been too long.  Well as you know, I am apart of 2 great podcasts that take up a bit of my time.  The PKP Films Podcast, "In The Air", and the one myself and best friend Joel started, entitled "Off Topic".  And both of them have been a blast to be a part of.  There is also another cast that was started by a friend who now believes that he is the nemesis to PKP Films, called "RANDOM MADNESS!!".  All of these are created by very funny people, so click on the links check them out, like them on Facebook, YouTube, add them to your favorites, do whatever!

Now that I'm done whoring these out Internet, I did make a treat for you.  For the "Off Topic" podcast, we decided we needed more production value to the show, so I took it upon myself to make an intro theme.  Take a listen...

I had really had fun making this little tune, and as the show progresses, different audio clips can be swapped into the theme.  To keep up with the times that is.

I would like to thank for the backround music.  Go there to find a ton of royalty free music that isn't going to break your bank.

Well that's all I have for you this week Internet.  Stay tuned for more stuff!

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