Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So this isn't a drawing I did today, but it's one I've had around for a couple months now.  It's been one that I've wanted to get cleaned up and make prints of eventually.  I've just needed a way to scan the thing.  And now, finally, that I have a operable scanner, BEHOLD!

Now since my last post, I've tuned up my coloring techniques and practiced on a bunch of other stuff just lying around, so hopefully I can post it full color somewhere, where it can be purchased.  But I'm not sure where that could be.

If any of you know a good place where I can post this when it's done, just let me know.  I need to make some much needed Internet money.

Also as a side note, the EPSON tech support number is the worst thing to ever happen in the world.

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  1. You could post on this site, but have a link to Paypal for people to purchase your scribblings.