Thursday, January 31, 2013

Busy as beavers...

Well Internet, let me just say that this last week I've just been bushed and haven't done anything on the drawing table since my last post.  My work schedule changed, I've been out after work, and my mental, some would say otherworldly, balance isn't quite where it needs to be.  

But does that mean I haven't been at working in secret, making myself better?  NAY!  I've a few behind the scenes things going on that I will be a part of, or am a part of.

Let me just let you in on this...

This is a production company that my friend started, and that I am a part of.  Visit his site here and watch his commercial posted above.

Soon this February, PKP Films will also be doing a monthly or bi-monthly podcast that the members, and others, will be doing, discussing upcoming projects, giving reviews on films, music, games, comics, whatever comes to mind.  While it's a way for us to de-stress, and unwind, it will most definitely be entertaining.  So tune into that.

On the subject of pod casts, there may be something else in the works as well.  Come back for more info on that later, Internet.

AND, if you haven't guessed it already from the sketches I've been posting, that I'm also working on a comic book with another gifted writer friend of mine.  I got the first draft of the first issue last night and it's good.  Real good.  Hopefully I can keep up with my end, because the writing chops on this one is something fierce.

Now this is the part where I whore everyone out that I already mentioned, or secretly, silently mentioned above.  Follow these people.  You may be glad you did.

@bucky4everyone on twitter

Also, continue to read mine and follow me.  Do it before time eats itself into the past and we're all baby people.


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