Saturday, January 12, 2013


Okay Internet, I'm sort of a nerd.  Not like Lewis Skolnick or anything.  I just like what I like.  And that happens to be comics, and all that geeky stuff that's cool now.  BUT I ASSURE YOU, I liked them before they were cool.  But it's not like you care, Internet.  You're a machine.  You have no emotion.  Just trillions of pages of porn.

So I've got, not a huge one, but a substantial collection that I'm proud of and they are proudly on display in my living room.  Well the other day I looked at it and decided that I need to redo it.  I've bought and received more books and toys and DVDs since I've moved in, roughly 5 years ago, and now things were just spilling over.  That, and the Ol' Lady, likes to put her shit on there too.  That was remedied, btw.  So, what I thought would be a simple dusting of figures and shelves and reorganizing, took all...damn...DAY.  And since it took me that long, and I put all this effort to do it, I'm posting it here to show you, Internet.


Here is my entire book collection in its entirety. 

Galactus summons you to read!

Two epic bromances, guard the DC shelf.

Hellboy would like to tell you to "CHECK YOSELF"!

Spider-Man is literally holding on to Venom's hand.  I don't know how it even stays like this.  But it's my favorite part of the collection.  And it's also better than the various sex positions my old roommate would put them in everyday.  Because that's what I want to see when I get home, someone has gone through my things and there is Spider-Man in a 69 with Venom.

I like my little Hall of Armor.

I have this display on top of a cabinet.  It was just happenstance that I received a glass head and gun.  But I applaud whoever gave them to me.

Here's all my hero DVDs.  I had to make a shelf for them mostly because I was invading the space of Under the Tuscan Sun and Love Actually.  

And I do have more comics as well.  They are on loan to my brother and other patrons of my library.  I told them to return them so I could make sure they all fit on my shelves, but they didn't.  They are made of pure evil.  Withholding S.O.B.s.  I shouldn't say that, my mother's a nice lady.

Until next time Internet!

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