Friday, August 23, 2013

The Comic That Never Was...

Hello Internet.  Glad we could be together again.

So awhile ago, a friend and I started making a comic.  It was entitled, "What The...", and it was in the genre of horror.  Now, I'm not a huge fan of horror comics, but nonetheless I obliged and went along with the idea.  
As the project came to fruition, more and more became confusing to me.  I would only get a couple pages at a time, and the pages I did get, things seemed to be happening at random.  In fact, I had to lie and say I had pages done just so I could possibly see what was coming up next so that I may foreshadow some things in my artwork, and yet, it still didn't make that much of a difference.  Now don't get me wrong, I think the work I did do on this project was some of the best comic illustration I've ever done.  But alas, the project fell apart.  Not getting pages in to me was a big thing, and the fact of, even when I did ask this person what's going on in the story, I couldn't even get an answer.  It seemed that everything was being made up as it went along.

Then came the part of, instead of having this be a single issue (which is what we first discussed) it was now going to be an entire trade paperback.  Maybe even around 100 pages he or she said.  That's when I was like, okay, enough.  I'm not going to be wasting my nights and weekends on a project that I have NO idea where it's going, and also one that is going to be 100+ pages that I fully pencil, ink, and color, to get nothing out of it but carpel tunnel.

All of this came to a head and I left the project behind.  I have since met with this person on several occasions, and they bring up that they'd wished we could have finished "What The...".  Well tough titties.  I need more stability than that ol' chum.

The one thing that's good about it, is that I DO have these pages of original artwork to show you.  And here they are.  I have a cover that's colored, and the rest are interior pages.  The last 2 I have up there would have been a double page spread.  I did run out of ink when I was doing this, so that's also another reason the project got scrapped.  Can you guess where it happened?

Well that's what I have for you this day.  The comic that never happened.  Now if I can just get motivated to get mine off the ground I would be a happy camper.

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