Sunday, July 14, 2013

Le Tired...

Oh boy, has the last few weeks of my life been exhausting, Internet.  My new job is more physical than what I've worked before, so when I get home (if I even get to go home) I'm pooped, and we've been out and traveling every weekend for the last few weeks.  Yeesh.  

I've have planning my wedding on my plate, as well as trying to get home every once in awhile to see what my 2 evil cats have destroyed.  Plus its hot out.

I've been working with PKP Films on stuff here and there which is always fun.  Check them out.  They have a couple projects always going on at any given time.

My best bud JT and myself are really trying to get our podcast off the ground, so we've been doing shows regularly and promoting that.  We may have a few good ideas coming soon.

Plus, it's frickin Summer time, so I just want to get out, drink some brews, and tan my thighs.

When I first made this, I tried to make time once a week to update this, but I can't even make it home lately to get to it.  Hopefully soon, things will slow down, and I can do something creative for all you Internet dwellers to troll over.

Alright folks, that's all I got.  Laterz Internets. 

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