Sunday, March 3, 2013


So I've finally been able to get to talk to you again Internet.  It's been such a stressful couple weeks, where all I've done is run, run run, and I really haven't had time to just chat with you.  So, what's new?  What's new you ask...well I'll tell you.

As well as working on my comic project and fine tuning details here and there, I've been working on a podcast with my best friend since Kindergarten.  We've finally recorded it and it should be cut and ready to post within a couple days.  It's called OFF TOPIC.  The concept is simple, it's myself and him, along with a rotating guest, have a few drinks, have a few laughs, and just shoot the breeze about what we like and dislike about what's important to us.  Even if its not all that important.  We start at one topic and from there it just jumps from one thing to another, until you're wondering, "How did we even get to this point?"

Also the production company, PKP Films, that I'm apart of just filmed the 4th episode of Ghost Hunter Dave.  A spoof on those paranormal investigation shows that have spread like herpes on TV somewhat recently.  Well I joined the filming crew on this last venture and HOLY BUCKETS, is it gonna be entertaining.  You can check out previous episodes on their page, as well as other projects.

Also today I finally got caught up with a Christmas present for my very special lady's dad.  I was finished with this when he visited over the holiday's but he didn't have a way to take it with him without damaging it.  Here it is...

Now let me explain a little about it.  When my girlfriend "Chelsea Danger" was a wee lass, she believed her father to be a cowboy.  He would go to art shows here and there and sell these pop-guns to all the youngins in attendance.  As well as dress the part in full cow poke get-up, and really sell that he was a quick drawin', cork shootin', ruff ridin' cowboy.  He even got a big belt buckle that said POP-GUN AL on it, that he wears even to this day.

So we decided that we would memorialize that idea with a comic cover to start off stories of his grandest adventures, featuring Leonard "Whiskers" St. Elliot.  "Whiskers" is a character I came up with for a murder party I went to, and coincidentally, reprised the role when my friends shot the short film, "Murder Party".  Pop-Gun Al fell in love with that character but unfortunately, wasn't able to get him to attend our Christmas.  But at least he was there in spirit.

I was trying to post a colored version that took me all afternoon, but something went wrong with the file, so I may have to start all over.  The machines have started their take over.  STAY TUNED!

Also if you haven't yet, check out the "Murder Party" short, collected on a full length feature entitled "The Cutting Room Floor".  Contact PKP Films if interested.  

Well on this lazy Sunday, that's all I have to catch up to you with, Internet.  Until next time!  Stay tuned for interplosion in 3...2...

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